Off My Box at Beyond MCR
Blogger and influencer McrMother delivers her take on SUMMER at BEYOND

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m getting my shiz together for a rave up the road. Texts are flying about.

Where is it?

Look for the dome in the carpark.

Is there a bar?

I reckon.

Are you boozing?

Nah mate, I’m being healthy.

Yeah me too. Just looking forward to getting the gang together.

Nice one. See you in a bit pal.

We rock up to the venue and it’s a sweet little set up: dance tent for the ravers; bar for the boozers; zoned out muthas chilling out on beanbags. Everything you’d expect from a rave.

We spot our mates and the next couple of hours go a little like this:

Hey! So good to see y… oh jeez, where’s he gone?

Give us a glow stick!

Oi Oi! I Said OI! Don’t do that.

Got any gear?

Yeah, sorted. Babywipes and nappies are in the rucksack.

Coz this ain’t no ordinary rave. This is The Playhouse Project, a rave for kids, and it’s all going off. The tunes are pumping, disco lights are flashing. A gang of mini ravers with inflatable guitars run round the tent. It’s mayhem and the kids are loving it. Through a sea of bubbles I spot someone I recognise. He’s the hunk (of metal) that we saw at the last Playhouse Project, and he’s still got it!

Shake that ro-booty baby.

Dad whacks me over the head with a blow up flamingo.


I go outside for a breather (ok, for a robot selfie) and help my kid win/cheat at hook-a-duck. I spy Square Pegs working magic from their horse box of dreams. Yass! So much love for the Square Pegs crew and their next-level crafting.

Sharpies, stickers, cardboard box.

Throw your hands up in the air.

And what have we got? Our very own rocking robots. Brilliant. There’s screen printing too! I wanna get involved but my kid has caused a barney by the beanbags.

Come on guys, this is the chillout zone.

They ignore me and begin chasing each other to the climbing wall, into the face painters and through the deck chairs. I was off my head to think there’d be any relaxing.

Get back here!

Don’t do that!

That’s not yours!

Say sorry right now!

Right that’s it!

I need a stiff drink.

Thought you weren’t drinking.

I wasn’t. Until now. Afterparty at ours?

Hell yes. I’ll bring the rum.


This event was FREE as part of Beyond MCR’s summer long festival. Check out their website for upcoming events.

Big squeezes to the fabulous Square Pegs for inspiring the smalls, and us big folk too. You are AWESOME!

Check out future Square Pegs workshops here –

Mega high fives to the lovely peeps at Playhouse Project. We had a blast and can’t wait to see you on the dancefloor again soon.

Keep an eye out for the next Playhouse Project raves here –

Big hugs and and a ‘phew, CHEERS! We love you!’ to our amazing besties for sticking with me through the parties we can’t remember and making new memories with the kids that we’ll remember forever (cos I’ve posted them all on Instagram).

The end.